הכרת הטוב

YDHM appreciates the many people who contribute to our yeshiva in ways large and small, אחד המרבה ואחד הממעיט!
Our sincere thanks to each one of you!

TIME זמן

Itzkowitz Family

Classroom setup

Moshe Friedman

Classroom setup

Meir and Roni Ettlinger

Set up yeshiva financial structures

Rabbi Yitzchok Krausz, Yeshiva of Greater Monsey / Cheder D’Monsey

Invaluable advice, direction, and encouragement

Ben & Ahuva Itzkowitz

Starting a new boys yeshiva in Monsey

Itzkowitz Family

YDHM Barbecue

GOODS סחורה

Lazer & Heather Scheiner

Furniture, office supplies & equipment, student & teacher supplies, books, seforim

Kiss Family

Monthly delivery for water cooler

Itzkowitz & Friedman Families

Video doorbell & remote entry

Rozenbaum Family

Yeshiva logo yarmulkas

Mimi Kiss

Welcome bags for Student Orientation

Rabbi & Mrs. Sheftel Skaist

Magna Tiles for the classroom

Itzkowitz Family

YDHM car magnets


Bobover Yeshiva

Use of scooters for daily recess

Itzkowitz Family

YDHM Parent Orientation

Mui Tang

Budgeting & cashflow projection worksheets

Simons Family

YDHM Parent Orientation

Kiss Family

YDHM Parent Orientation

Ettlinger Family

Moving (x2) & Storage

Motti and David Dembetzir

Classroom – deep cleaning

Rabbi Naftoli Eisgrau and Mr. Yehudah A. Most, Yeshiva of Greater Monsey / Cheder D’Monsey

A place for our initial parent
meeting to establish YDHM

Naftuli Herzog

Techsavv IT Solutions

Installing classroom wifi


Bernard Silverman


Getzl & Malky Lenorovits


for the YDHM Barbecue

Yossi Sanik


In honor of Benny & Ahuva’s tireless efforts!

Ari Kluger


Esther & Meyer Adler


Michelle Garfinkel


In Honor of Yehudah Simons’ Class
Leilui Nishmas Rachel Leah bas Chaim Michael

Ernest Schlesinger


In honor of Nesanel Simons

Ari Adler


In honor of Mordy Kiss

Michael Golomb


In honor of the holy Mr. Ben – keep making the world a better place!

Yosef & Goldie Levy


Ari & Miriam Zaltz


In honor of Ben and Ahuva Itzkowitz
who are working so hard for the benefit of the community!

Penina Green


A Day of Learning!

Joseph Friedman


In Honor of Benny Itzkowitz

Louis Lebovits


Rabbi & Mrs. Dovid Rube


Blimy Lemberg


In honor of Binny & Ahuva Itzkowitz

Ahron & Shifra Stern


In honor of our parents
Rabbi & Mrs. Sheftel Skaist

Yaakov Tikotzky


Yoseif Schwarz


Penina Sanik


In honor of Ben & Ahuva Itzkowitz

Gavriel Dorfman


Michael Rosenblum


Buchi Holzberg