About Us


Yeshiva Derech Hatorah of Monsey was established to provide an environment where children love learning, Torah & yiddishkeit and one in which parents are proud partners in planting the seeds and building the foundation for their children's future.

Sefer Torah


Our vision is for each talmid to develop strong yiras shamayim and love for Torah learning within a high quality, caring yeshiva environment; and to acheive excellence in his studies, in bein adam lemakom, and in bein adam lechaveiro.

Core Values



YDHM realizes that the best way to promote love for Torah & Mitzvos is to engage staff who are effusive and  continually radiate ahavas haTorah towards their talmidim.

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Yeshiva Derech Hatorah of Monsey recognizes the importance of helping talmidim develop  meaningful relationships with and a deep connection to Hashem, each at his own level. 

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YDHM advocates responsibility towards self and others with a strong emphasis on meaningful acts of kindness and genuine compassion for others.



YDHM believes in the unparalleled potential of every child, as well as the unique, positive ways in which each talmid can achieve in all aspects of life.



YDHM understands that pathways to healthy personal achievement are best charted during preschool, a talmid's earliest, formative years of chinuch.

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YDHM acknowledges that derech eretz and mentschlichkeit are prerequisites to growth in Torah, mitzvos & ma'asim tovim.